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Annual Survey

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Mezzanine floors undoubtabley offer one of the quickest most cost effective solutions to increasing the available space within an industrial building and return on investment can be as fast as 100% in one year.  However a quick search of case studies at by the Health and Safety Executive will highlight the possible risks to employees using such structure and the potential exposure to business owners and managers to fines and worse if the issue of safety is not correctly addressed! As well as ensuring the mezzanine is designed to meet all of the current building regulations and health and safety requirements mezzanine floor structures should now be regularly inspected to ensure they are not subject to damage or deterioration. Any inspection booked before 1st April 2011 will be at 50% of our normal rates, give us a call today for a quotation and to book an inspection. Any new mezzanine floor ordered before the end of February 2011 will include the first annual inspection by one of our engineers at NO EXTRA COST! Mezzanine Floor Safety Inspections, Health and Safety, Annual Condition Survey, Structural Survey